Open OnDemand tips and tricks calls

A reminder that our next Tips and Tricks call will be tomorrow, Thursday January 6th at 1pm ET.

Title: “Sid: an alternative OOD dashboard”
Speakers: Mike Reekie, Aday Bujeda, Harvard University

Those who haven’t registered for the series yet, please, do so beforehand at Meeting Registration - Zoom . This registration is valid for a year.

The video and chat from the January call are at January 6 2022 - Google Drive.

In the February call, on 2/3 at 1pm ET, let us discuss a part of the most sought after topic, which is “Best practices in integrating user supplied Python and Jupyter in Open OnDemand”.

If there is anyone who would like to share their setup, please, let me (Martin) know. If there are no volunteers I will initiate the discussion with our setup that works alright for the most part, and then ask the call attendees for feedback.

As a heads up, a good follow up topic for March would be supporting R and RStudio in Open OnDemand, so, please, those who’d like to share their experience please let me know as well.

Hi Martin, I’m not sure how unique our Python/Jupyter integration is, but I’d be happy to share if that’d be beneficial.

Thanks Brandon – that’s good to know.

I’ll let you know how I get on.