How to put in place a clustering solution for OOD

Hi, everybody@osc

i have’nt seen any information on that topic : how to put in place a cluster solution for the OOD frontend to secure the service ?

if some of you have any ideas, don’t hesitate. Thanks a lot.


I think folks just sit it behind an HAProxy (or similar). They don’t load balance between the two instances but have an active and a passive instance. The active takes all the traffic until the proxy determines otherwise and switches over to the other instance.

I imagine you could load balance across both (or more) instances, but you’d need to have sticky sessions. But again, I think folks have active/passive instead of load balanced setups.

We actually know of a site that is using HAProxy for load balancing with OnDemand and have reached out to learn more details about how they do this. I’ll post back here when we get a response.

@jms27000 actually could you clarify what you mean by “put in place a cluster solution for the OOD frontend to secure the service”? Do you mean a load balancing solution to support greater load, or multiple instances to support high availability, or is your question specifically about security?

It’s mainly a high avalaibility topic

Actually thinking about the problem, active/passive gives you no benefit over load balanced. When you’re load balanced across multiple nodes, and anyone of them fails, you only disrupt 1/N customers whereas in a active/passive you disrupt all N.

It was a mistake to suggest active/passive type setup.

So really I think load balancing with sticky sessions is the best option. How the proxy is then configured is the question, and since we don’t run HA at OSC we don’t know, but as Eric says we’re reaching out and maybe we can share the HAProxy configs.