Clicking on "Connect to Jupyter" leads to wrong URL


hi all,

i successfully launched a jupyter notebook on slurm from OOD.
however, when i click on the “Connect to Jupyter” button in
this leads me to
instead of
where the notebook is actually running.

which options do i need to change for this url to lead to the correct host + port?

thanks in advance.


any suggestions on how to resolve this?


Sorry for the delay on responding.

The link you click is created by this file:

If you notice, the URL is absolute - the assumption is that OnDemand or the /node or /rnode proxies do not have a suburi. So in OSC OnDemand’s case, we would have and then this /URL would be appended to that base domain.

Now we run OnDemand on port 80 and have not done testing to see what problems we might run into running OnDemand on a different port.

Also, I’m confused by the link example, where the host is missing. Are you omitting the host in the URL you are sharing? i.e. http://myhost/node/worker001/44559/login or http://myhost:44559/com/node/worker001/44559/login


yes, i forgot the host in the urls i shared. i meant that at:
i clicked on “Connect to Jupyter”
and was led to
instead of

where myjupytersessionhost=slurmworker


shouldn’t ood automatically lead me to the url in which the host is the, in my case, slurm worker, on which the jupyter session was scheduled to run?