Using 'newgrp' through the web interface

I’m not sure if this is even something that’s even possible, but figured I’d ask.

Because of an NFS limitation on one of our storage appliances, the storage can only see the first 16 groups that a user is a member of. In interactive SSH sessions, we work around this by setting the primary group to be one the one of the directory we want to access. A user will do ‘newgrp groupA’, then be able to cd /projects/groupA. Otherwise, they’ll get a permission denied.

Is there any particular setting or environment, or ruby code that can be used so that when a user either changes directory in the web interface, or maybe when project areas in the Files dropdown are enumerated that a newgrp can be issued or a primary group set for access?


I’ve come up with a workaround in the NFS client at the OS level, so this issue is moot. Feel free to close the thread. Thanks.

Hey, sorry for not replying sooner. Yea it’s not possible at the moment because the Per User Nginx starts with uid/gid pair. We’d have to restart it under a different gid for every different filesystem.

Glad to see you figured it out though!

If you add what the workaround was, that’d be great so other folks can do the same if they run into this issue.

@groucho64738 Would you be willing to share your work around? We’ve had this issue for years and have no good way around it. Thanks!

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