Unable to launch fully containerized Rstudio

Thanks for the update, Michael. I did manage to get the RStudio Sever 1.3. working both locally and in the container. There are some Rocker containers that use 1.3 and R 4.0.x, so, that’s what we’re using now.

I think I found a solution: RStudio when launched without Singularity is having strange troubles with authentication - #32 by fenz

Hi. I’m having some authentication problems as well, but wanted to comment on the message @dugan made about the database config. I’m running rstudio-server-2021.09.0+351-1 and had the database issue. Here’s what I did to work around that (if it’s helpful to anyone else).

In the script.sh.erb file before launching rserver, I did a few things

**mkdir $TMPDIR/rstudio**
    - we set $TMPDIR with slurm automatically, but if you launch rstudio against $TMPDIR directly, it seems to set permissions to 1777 which we didn't like, making everything run in a subdirectory helped keep $TMPDIR 700.
**echo "directory=${TMPDIR}/rstudio" > $TMPDIR/rstudio/database.conf**
   - create a database.conf file pointing to where we want it and it will be unique to the job.
**set the server-data-dir, server-working-dir, database-config-file, and secure-cookie-key-file all to use the appropriate things in ${TMPDIR}/rstudio

I still can’t log into it, but I think that’s a topic being discussed in another thread.