Ubuntu support?

Can I ask for Ubuntu support? Or are there any install instructions for Ubuntu ? Did not see a “install from source” option either … which is a bit surprising given that the project has HPC roots ?

@dipeit time permitting we can look into what it would take to support Debian-based systems natively. We have not had much demand for this so far. Can you tell us a little more about your architecture / site?

As for installation from source: our installation process used to be very manual up until our 1.3 release which is where we cut over to RPM based installation. Those installation instructions are dated, but still available for older versions: https://osc.github.io/ood-documentation/release-1.2/installation.html

I am also interested in an Ubuntu/Debian installation document or packages. Our cluster runs Ubuntu, along with most of our support servers. I can provide additional architecture information and/or some testing help if necessary.

@bmcgough and @dipeit what version(s) of Ubuntu are you running?


I spent the second half of my Thursday experimenting with installation on Ubuntu and found that the installation of system dependencies is going to be complicated. OnDemand uses SCLs which Ubuntu does not have. Installation then becomes a task of trying to ensure compatible versions of the OnDemand apps, Ruby, Passenger and Apache. Ubuntu 18.x LTS provides Ruby 2.5 by default which the OOD apps have not been tested against. Snap can be used to install Ruby 2.4 but the available versions of Apache and Passenger require the Apt-provided Ruby 2.5, and there are no Snap alternatives for Apache or Passenger. Tangentially, I have read anecdotal evidence that Snap’d software takes up more storage and is slower to boot.