TensorBoard for Open OnDemand

Has anyone gotten TensorBoard to work with Open OnDemand? It’s the visualization interface for TensorFlow. I have a staffer who’d like to use it for classes and notice it’s not on the list of apps that have been ported so far.

TIA - Susan Litzinger

Hi Susan,
Yes, still in developoment but mostly working where it allocates a node, starts TB with the log you specify and allows you to attach to the TB web server. Currently has a small problem where the link given after it allocates the node does not browse to the tensorboard server correctly. But you can still connect then if you put in the servername:port in the browser manually. If you would like a copy I can post the current draft with this caveat.



I would love to see the draft.


Hi Bob,
Current version is here:


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@lcapps thanks for sharing!

Hi Louis,

I very much appreciate your offering up your version of TensorBoard for Open OnDemand. However, I get hung up on step 1. The directions tell me to download this file:

wget https://gitlab-master.nvidia.com/lcapps/cluw/-/archive/master/cluw-master.tar.gz

but it gitlab-master.nvidia.com does no longer exists and I have google every way I can find for something like NVIDIA & cluw and nothing is coming up. Do you have an alternate location for the file? Thanks in advance.


Louis - we were able to get it working on our OnDemand instance. Will be interested in hearing if you’re able to get the website to draw up eventually, rather than having to connect to the node using an SSH tunnel. Thanks for sharing!


@dsajdak and @lcapps we just asked one of our interns to look into setting up Tensorboard as a web service. If we have success we’ll post an example of how we did it like the RStudio and Jupyter examples.

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@dsajdak and @rodgers.355, this is great to hear. Did not get a chance to understand why the web service link does not work correctly so will be good to get it working.

Easiest way to do this is to use the jupyter notebook and jupyter-tensorboard python app. TensorBoard shows up as a kernel in the JN pulldown.