Quick 'failed to load file' page before editing files

This is a strange one that I don’t know I can even demonstrate reliably. When I am in the file browser and a select a file to edit (this could also be in job composer, or any place where files can be edited), very quickly a page that says Failed to load file pops up which is immediately replaced by the file editor.

I think the page says File failed to load. Please try again later.
Is there a timeout set somewhere that’s really short?

I’m running OOD 2.0.13

@groucho64738 What was the file extension of the file you were trying to open? We’re aware of a few bugs in the Files App with MIME type mismatches that could be the cause of this.

I’m pretty sure I’m seeing it with just about every type.
Definitely saw it with these though: .pl, .yaml, no extension (type text), .py, .sh