'Open in Terminal' button in Files app OOD2

There used to be a way to hide the ‘open in terminal’ button in the Files app. Is there a way to do that in the OOD2 files app?


Just wanted to bump this up to see if anyone knows how to do this in 2.0? Thanks

Sorry I didn’t reply. I don’t know off hand, and I’ll have to check what the previous behaviour was (I’m guessing you could disable it given you’re question). But I’ll look into it today.

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I’m sure you guys are super busy so no hurry. It used to be if you left the OOD_SHELL string empty it would hide the ‘open in terminal’ button. I just found this: GitHub - OSC/ood-fileexplorer: [MOVED] The Open OnDemand File Explorer

Thanks. Looks like we missed this functionality in the migration. I just created this ticket to pick it back up. I don’t think the environment variable will be used anymore, but the should be some setting for it.