Ood splash screen?


I have not been abl to locate any documntation that talks about how to set up the opening ood dashboard page or any way to display the motd. Where can these be set?



Also, the verion of ood should be on the dashboard screen.


Is it possible to change what is shown on the Dashboard? a motd? Customized display? Anything?


Yes, it is possible to customize the dash. At OSC we display a motd. I need to look into how we do it, and I’ll get back to you.


Two hooks for customizing the dashboard are announcements and motd. Announcements get the classes alert alert-warning and appear above the OOD_DASHBOARD_LOGO . Announcement files are expected to be found at: /etc/ood/config/announcement.(md|yml) or /etc/ood/config/announcements.d/any_file_name.(md|yml). To display a motd file on the dashboard ensure that the file /etc/ood/config/apps/dashboard/env exists at minimum with the following content:

MOTD_PATH="/path/to/your/motd" # this supports any uri including RSS feeds
MOTD_FORMAT="$MOTD_FORMAT_HERE" # markdown, txt, rss

More complex behavior is possible and is detailed at: https://github.com/OSC/ood-dashboard/tree/master/config/examples and a more complete env file is available here: https://github.com/OSC/ood-dashboard/blob/master/config/examples/osc/env


If changes are made to these files, is it necessary to do the update_ood_portal?


No: update_ood_portal does not need to be run.


We have the motd set and it is not picking it up. We’ve restarted httpd24-httpd, does anything else need a restart?


You may need to restart your per-user-nginx.


service nginx16-nginx restart
nginx: [emerg] listen() to, backlog 511 failed (98: Address already in use)
nginx: configuration file /opt/rh/nginx16/root/etc/nginx/nginx.conf test failed


In general with OOD you don’t need to interact directly with the Nginx installation. As you noted it is trying to listen on port 80 which is being used by Apache. We provide a couple ways to interact with the PUNs.

From the OOD dashboard if development mode is enabled you can just select the option to restart web server which in this context is nginx. For example if you were serving OOD from localhost on port 8080 the URL looks like this: http://localhost:8080/nginx/stop?redir=/pun/sys/dashboard/

If on the other hand you as a super user need to restart the PUN of a specific user you can use the nginx_stage command:

root@localhost: /opt/ood/nginx_stage/sbin/nginx_stage nginx --user=$USER_OF_INTEREST --signal=reload


Still does not show with a fresh connection or with a restart of the webserver from the dashboard. I even logged out of the dashboard, closed the web browser application, and then restarted and reconnected. No motd displayed.


Looks like I finally got it with enough wrangling.


When doing configuration modifications to the apps, if you don’t see a change you can trigger a restart for your own Per User NGINX web server from the Dashboard by clicking “Help -> Restart Web Server”.

An alternative approach is to touch APP_ROOT/tmp/restart.txt for the particular app. That will force restart on the next request. The dashboard’s APP_ROOT is /var/www/ood/apps/sys/dashboard.