Missing Home Directory Error

So I commented that out and it is working just fine. When I log in, I am in the proper home directory. I assume I am hitting a bug somewhere?


I’m not 100% sure of where it’ll come up again, but I’d bet it will. It may not! But it probably will. We don’t seem to have one consistent way of getting the home directory and we try to access it a lot.

Good to hear it’s working now. Watch that Github ticket to see when we actually fix the issue, sorry we had to hack your system and leave it in a “well it’s probably buggy” state.

Let us know if something more comes up.

Thanks @johrstrom! I am tempted to back out all the changes we made and only comment out missing_home_directory to see if it works. I speculate it will.

The weird thing is this was working just fine a few weeks ago with no changes.

Thanks again for all the help!


@negregg yes please do confirm that only modifying missing_home_directory? to return false will solve the problem. I believe the problem is in that case we are relying on essentially getpwnam("username")->pw_dir (from man getpwnam) for this check, and that is not the same as using the HOME environment variable, which is used in other places; and evidently in some cases the passwd structure returned by getpwnam does not contain reliable values.

@efranz I moved all the original files back in place and left missing_home_directory to return false and it is still working.

Does the files application correctly link to your home?

So far I have not noticed any issues with files app. It shows my and others home directory as expected.
Note, we are just getting our feet wet with OOD so might be something I am overlooking.