Keycloak port issue?

On page in step 6) - section “1.1. Initial Installation Steps” there is reference to port 8443 and 443 (is this an inconstancy)? If we use port 8443 I get the error suggesting that the socket is being used?

[root@ivy keycloak-4.8.3.Final]# sudo -u keycloak ./bin/ ‘embed-server,/socket-binding-group=standard-sockets/socket-binding=proxy-https:add(port=8443)’
“outcome” => “failed”,
“failure-description” => “WFLYCTL0212: Duplicate resource [
(“socket-binding-group” => “standard-sockets”),
(“socket-binding” => “proxy-https”)
“rolled-back” => true

(Same error if we use port 443)

If we put it in the config.cli file and use port 443 it gives the following error

[root@ivy keycloak-4.8.3.Final]# sudo -u keycloak ./bin/ --file=config.cli
No connection to the controller

sudo netstat -tulpn | grep LISTEN shows both ports 80 and 443 listening.