KDE for OOD, practical implementation?


Our installation is working nicely with Mate and Xfce. Some of our researchers have a strong preference to work in KDE. I don’t find any mention of KDE in the documentation or in Discourse. Is anyone able to address possible plans to add KDE to the distribution, or to offer advice for how to implement KDE through a custom-built interactive application.

~ Em



I’ll look into putting together an example on how to add KDE.

  • Morgan


Hi, Morgan – Thanks for the encouraging note.
Best wishes,
~ Em


@emily.dragowsky I just finished working on an example KDE implementation and have posted it to Github. For the time being it is a standalone Batch Connect application and is not integrated into the official bc_deskop. If it works well, then we will probably consider it for inclusion in the main OOD distribution at some point.

Have a look at that and let me know if you have any questions.

- Morgan


Thank you, Morgan – I’ll be able to pickup with studying your much appreciated work next week.
~ Em