JupyterLab Installed

A user requested JupyterLab and we are running Jupyter Notebook. I see from the docs that JupyterLab is the newer version of Notebook. I see online that Pitt has it installed. Do any other sites? Does OSC plan to support this upgraded version of Jupyter Notebook?

TIA - Susan Litzinger

Susan: We already have this running in production at OSC (see screenshot below, where you can select a checkbox to run JuptyerLab instead of the Notebook). I’m sure this is already in the repo somewhere that you can grabd it, but I’ll defer to one of my colleagues to point to the specific location.

Yea it comes down to this line in the boot command where we toggle juypter lab or jupyter notebook.

I imagine you would just need to add that toggle to your form.yml, and the script and ensure the dependencies are installed/enabled on your compute nodes.

Hope that helps - let us know if there’s anything more about this you need.