Is there any way to add a cluster choice to File Explorer's "Open in terminal Menu"?

We support multiple clusters thru a single OnDemand instance. In general this works well, but for File Explorer’s “Open in Terminal” menu, the “ssh” target is a constant set by DEFAULT_SSHHOST. For most of our users this is fine. However, if a user is, e.g., compiling software, then which cluster that interactive window is on matters to them even the the directories are shared. I know users can do Dashboard->Clusters->desired cluster, get a shell window, and “cd” from there, but some users here like the File Explorer-> Open in Terminal approach, so I’d like to let them pick a cluster from a dropdown list off of the “Open in Terminal” menu button.

Is there a way to do that, without locally modifying parts of rpm packages (which is not sustainable)?

That is a really good use case, and I don’t think there is a way to do this right now without modifying the rpm deployed app code. I’ll mark this as a feature request.

An example implementation: