Improve the GUI within OOD

I am working in the ArianeGroup company on HPC & CAE subjects. We have developed a home made HPC web portal since 2004 based on the e-batch alpha release coming from BULL. After 6 months of study in 2019, we have decided to use the OOD solution for our new HPCs.

we are used to propose to our users this type of GUI :

Is it possible to have in the next major release of OOD, the capability to have a GUI with this kind of presentation ? mixing vertical & horizontal widgets, more widgets, dynamic screens more simple to implement…,

for me, the reference in term of functionality & ergonomy is the Nice EnginFrame solution which has a GUI maker with a complete set of components to build by drag & drop some nice GUI.

Thanks for your great job at OSC.


What is the app written in? It might be deployable through OnDemand as-is.

On a tomcat platform + Java + javascript + shells scripts. Not enough secured and portable to our new target Suse + Slurm.

Is the app only 1 webform to fill out with “Launch” submitting the job? When the job runs, does the user wait to have access? How are the results accessed after?

Hi, Eric,

our portal is a complete HPC solution, with file transfer, submit jobs within GUIs, TurboVNC + VirtualGL + noVNC for interactive jobs, SGE tools to manage jobs, monitoring with Ganglia & Xymon, etc … the data are available within the HPC tools included in the portal or directly by the windows share of the Netapp filer.

We have decided to stop the maintenance of this home made solution and go on with OOD.