Download zip file errors

We got an error when downloading and attempting to unzip the zip file. On a windows surface it says: the compressed (zipped) folder is empty. On a windows desktop it says: the compressed (zipped) folder is invalid. When I tried downloading and unzipping a zip file on a mac it seemed to work fine (same query).

Is there anything sensitive about the data? Can you upload the zip to this topic?

I can’t open the zip either. But digging a little further - it’s not a .zip format at all! It’s a .tar archive. I was able to open the archive after I made the extension .tar.

No idea why it’s doing that, clearly there’s some bug that’s cropped up since last time it worked.

Yea there’s some bug here with cross platforms. I think the idea is we want to supply .zip files to Windows users and .tar formats to Mac (and maybe Linux?) and that choice or determination of how we archive initially seems to be wonky.

I would suggest using 1 platform/browser to request the search and to retrieve the results while I work out how to fix it.