Disk quota warnings page missing some info

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It looks like the “Individual User Quota” section of " Disk Quota Warnings on Dashboard" here: https://osc.github.io/ood-documentation/master/customization.html#individual-user-quota is missing the example for what a user json would look like.

It states:

If the quota is defined as a user quota, then it applies to only disk resources used by the user alone. This is the default type of quota object and is given in the following format:

but there is no example after, just the next section " Individual Fileset Quota"

Could this be updated?


Yes it can! I’ve opened this ticket on github with an example for you in that ticket.

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We just had a question on this on our today’s local OOD call. I did not realize that OOD is capable of this.

Jeff, how do you go with generating those disk use json files? Do you run a cron job that stores them at a given location for each user? Or do you generate then on demand? Also, how do you get the usage and quota info?

To put you to our perspective - we can’t use the quota command since our quota are done on the file server (our storage guy could tell you what I don’t know), but, we have a script that our webadmin wrote and runs periodically that does some low level file system query that gives us the actual usage per user, and I can then query a database that stores this to pull the usage for a given user.

So, I’d be looking at writing a script that pulls the usage data, and then formats them into the json format that OOD wants. I guess I’d be running this as a cron job too but I am not sure if I want to do this for all our 5000 users every X minutes while only a handful will be on the OOD, or if I could query what users are currently logged in and do it only for them.


@mcuma At OSC we collect quota usage from both GPFS hosting project and scratch filesystems and our NetApp which hosts home directories. We run a cron job on one of our servers with access to GPFS that writes the JSON files to a shared NFS mount that is then mounted via autofs on all our OnDemand nodes. We use the same scripts to write out JSON files capable of being loaded into XDMoD’s storage realm.

We query the NetApp every 10 minutes via ONTAP API and we query GPFS I think every 15 minutes via mmrepquota. Both operations are low impact and fast. Sometimes the NetApp queries take a while as we have thousands of users but it’s rare one cron run will get locked out by a lock file being locked from previous execution.

The way the JSON files work for OnDemand it makes sense to collect quota information for everyone unless you limit access to OnDemand by some means where you could limit the scope of what’s included in the collection and JSON files.

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Thanks Trey, this sounds doable, I’ll poke our people that know the quota commands and then should be able to get this working.