Bc_desktop submit.yml.erb Native bug i think

We use slurm
Have the bc_desktop on all clusters and on loginnodes using linux_adapter.

For using multiple cores and nodes for deskto we use the script->native option in submit.yml.erb

‘script/native’ = list(
“<%= bc_num_slots.nil? ? 1 : bc_num_slots.to_i %>”,
“<%= num_cores %>”);

Whitch works for all worker nodes on all clusters.

But the login_adapter chokes on the content of the native block.
“no implicit conversion of string into Integer”

Removing the script/native for the login node did the trick.
But sinds linux_adapter does not technicaly submit a job it should just ignore all content of that block.
Than you would have one size fits all (we genrate all configs for all clusters zo all divergences are a pain)

Yea, looking at the code we’re expecting a hash, so you can override the image or bindpath for that job instead of using what’s defined in the cluster config.

    singularity_image: '/home/jeff/myimage.sing'
    singularity_bindpath: '/tmp'

“One size fits all” sounds nice, it’s just that’s not even possible with actual schedulers, let alone things like this or kubernetes or whatever else may come.