Active jobs and job composer consolidation


I’ve been working some with creating job templates, running jobs and learning to navigate why some don’t run and how to view after fail. It’s taken some time to get my head around the active job window vs the job composer window when viewing status of jobs and why two separate windows are really needed. I found myself staying mostly in the job composer window editing templates, submitting and getting status of jobs and sometimes had to renavigate to the active jobs window to get additional detail of why a job is stuck in queue or failed since more detail is on the active jobs window. At a minimum it would be nice to possibly add a detail button on the job composer job status similar to the active job window where you can query a job’s detail and remove even needing to move back and forth between these two windows at times.

It’s possible that adding job detail and ability to view more jobs in the job composer window would eliminate most of the need for the active job window and would improve workflow and simplify.



@lcapps agreed that the differences between these two can be confusing. I do not think that we’ll ever do away with Active Jobs, but one of the features on our 2.0 roadmap is a set of integrations with Open XDMoD. When that happens one of the features that we’ll be targeting is better reporting on job performance, as well as historical job information. Part of that integration with XDMoD is going to involve a significant re-design of both the job composer and the active jobs view, and a ‘live’ view in the new Job Composer similar to what is available from Active Jobs is worth considering.

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@rodgers.355 Hey, this sounds great. I see great value in the active job view with a quick way to filter and view other users. Have some comments on improvements to these that would help a lot that I can move to the 2.0 discussions.



Great! See 2.0 Roadmap topics here: